Osprey Fishing Tackle- Fishing Reels manufacturer.

 Osprey fishing Tackle. Fishing reels manufactureer. Spinning reels, casting reels, trolling reels, jigging reels, fly reels  Fishing tackle manufacturer since 1997.
Fishing reels that is proven over the years. 
Our manufacturing range: Spinning reels- Baitrunner. 
Casting reels: baitcasting and fly castings.
Trolling reels and Jigging reels. 
 Osprey Baitcasting reels  Osprey baitcasting reels with magnetic casting brake  Osprey 2 speeds trolling reels with Twin drag . Trolling reels from #20-130  Osprey spinning reels for fresh and saltwater max drag 20kg. Spinning reels with aluminium alloy body and stainless pinion. Baitrunner spinning reels.  Osprey Jigging reels. Jigging reels available with single or double speeds. Jigging reels has a max drag of 25kg



Osprey Fishing reels: Spinning, casting , trolling, jigging and fly casting.

Our manufacturing range covers: Spinning reels from #2~10. Casting reels from #2 to #7. Baitcasting reels from #10~#20. Trolling reels from size #20W to #130W. Jiggging reels from #12~#30. Fly reels from 3/4~9/10.
Anti shine carbon drag disc on all saltwater reels. Reels for saltwater fitted with Stainless BB.

We also handle make to order reels as per customer customised color and label.

Osprey  Spinning reels range from #2000 to #10000.
Spinning reels available with BB from 2 to 12.
Baitrunner and surf casting spinning reels.
Spinning reels max drag range from 8kg to 20kgs.
Spinning reels available either 1 speed and 2 speeds
Spinning reels spool either in single or duo tone color.  
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Osprey casting and baitcasting reels.
Baitcasting reels: open and closed face.
Baitcasting reels with either centrigual or magnetic casting brake.
Max drag on baitcasting reels : 8kg 
Multipler or open face casting reels.
Casting reels with alu frame and CNC machined Alu. spool.
Star drag and line spreader on all casting reels.
Bearing range from 3 to 6BB 
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Osprey Trolling reels. From size 20W~130W
Trolling reels with Cnc machined frame and spool.
Trolling reels with stainless components with 10 stainless BB.
Max drag-20kg, with preventive overdrag toggle button.
Trolling reels with 2 speeds control and Twin drags. 
Osprey Jigging reels: Single and double speeds.
Jigging reels with Cnc machined frame and spool.
Jigging reels with All stainless components with 6 stainless BB.
Max drag-20kg, with preventive overdrag toggle button.
Jigging reels available either 1 speed or 2 speeds..  
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Osprey CNC fly reels.
Fly reels with anti reverse bearings 
Large abhor fly reels.
2 speeds fly reels 
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