Osprey Fishing Tackle- Fishing Reels manufacturer.

 Osprey fishing Tackle. Fishing reels manufactureer. Spinning reels, casting reels, trolling reels, jigging reels, fly reels  Fishing tackle manufacturer since 1997.
Fishing reels that is proven over the years. 
Our manufacturing range: Spinning reels- Baitrunner. 
Casting reels: baitcasting and fly castings.
Trolling reels and Jigging reels. 
 Osprey Baitcasting reels  Osprey baitcasting reels with magnetic casting brake  Osprey 2 speeds trolling reels with Twin drag . Trolling reels from #20-130  Osprey spinning reels for fresh and saltwater max drag 20kg. Spinning reels with aluminium alloy body and stainless pinion. Baitrunner spinning reels.  Osprey Jigging reels. Jigging reels available with single or double speeds. Jigging reels has a max drag of 25kg



Osprey Baitrunner. Baitrunner from #30000~6000. 1 speed and 2 speeds Baitrunner.  Pg4/5

  • Baitrunner with anti shine drag disc.

  • Baitrunner with High retrieval speed.

  • Baitrunner with Front and rear drag and easy to set drage change over lever.

  • Osprey 2 speeds baitrunner. Baitruner also avialble in single speed version. Baitunner from #30~60 osprey baitrunner. Bait runner spinning reel for surf casting

Baitrunner is available in either 1single or 2 speeds versions.

Single speed spinning baitrunner  2 speeds baitrunner 

Baitrunner reel 
Gear  ratio:#2-#03:5.01:1,  #40-#60:5.5:1
Code nos  Capacity-mm/mtr  Capacity. lb/yd
RJ3FRA6-#20 0.15/180, 0.18/150, 0.20/100 4lb/155, 6lb/110, 8lb/80
RJ3FRA6-#30 0.20/200, 0.25/150, 0.30/100 6lb/210, 8lb/170,
RJ3FRA6-#40 0.30/180, 0.35/120, 0.40/100 8lb/220, 10lb/166, 12lb/130
RJ3FRA6-#50 0.35/180, 0.40/140,0.50/100 10lb/275,12lb/220. 15lb/160
RJ3FRA6-#60 0.40/220, 0.50/160,0.60/100 16lb/220, 20lb/170. 24lb/140
Baitrunner features :Ball race from 6-10bb, ALu handle knob, heavy duty bail armalu spool. Anti reverse clutch,

Surf casting baitrunner
Gear ratio: 4.1:1
Code Spool 
RS3FRA6-#70 0.40/340, 0.48/230, 0.52/180

6lb/340yd, 8lb/230yd, 10/180yd

RS3FRA6-#80 0.48/260, 0.52/210, 0.6/170 8lb/260, 10/210, 12lb/170yd
surf casting baitrunner:bb from 6 to 13,stainless main shaft, worm drive system, anti reverse clutch fitted. Alu handle with large knob

Free runner spinning reelsGear : 5.5 :1
Code Spool capacity mm/mtr
R3FR4000G4  0.30/180, 0.35/120, 0.40/100,  
 8lb/220yd,  10lb/165yd, 12lb/130yd
R3FR5000G4 0.35/180, 0.40/140, 0.50/100, 
10lb/275yd, 12lb/220yd, 15lb/160yd
Graphite spool Ball Race:4  Anti reverse clutch fitted
Baitrunnr also available in alu spool versions with 6BB
Osprey baitrunner with alu spool. Baitrunner from #4 to #5

8bb baitrunner.
Code nos.

Gear ratio

Line - mm/mtr (LB/YD)

RTFRA-40A8 5.5:1


0.30/180, 035/120, 0.40/100,  
8lb/2220yd,10lb/165yd, 12lb/130yd
RTFRA-50A8 0.35/180, 0.40/140, 0.50/100
10lb/275yd, 12lb/220yd, 15lb/160yd    
RTFRA-60A8 0.40/220, 0.50/140, 0.60/100
16lb/220yd, 20lb/170yd, 24lb/140yd  

2 speed Baitrunner with BB 6. 6+1 to 10+1.
Baitrunner has a max drag in excess of 10kg

  • Baitrunner with scratch resistance surface. Coated with automobile grade paint.
    Baitrunner with sealed for life bearings Standard6+1
    Fitted with Heavy duty bale arm with line out holder coated with hardened Titanium oxide.
    Baitrunner size from #4 To 6
    Brass pinion, stainless spindle and alu alloy change.
    Large EVA knob on all baitrunner

    6+1BB, 2 speeds Baitrunner
    code nos Gear ratio Spool Capacity mm/mtr (LB/YD)
    RTS-FR40A7 4.31/6.3:1 0.3/180, 0.35/120,0.40/100
    8lb/220yd, 10lb/165yd, 12lb/130yd
    RTS-FR50A7 4.31/6.3:1 0.35/18, 0.40/140,0.50/100
    10lb/275yd, 12lb/220yd,15lb/160yd
    RTS-FR60A7 3.71/5.4:1 0.4/200, 0.50/140,0.60/100
    16lb/220yd, 20lb/170yd,24lb/140yd
    Baitrunner features-Spool: Alu alloy. Sealed Bb
    Heavy duty bale arm with specially designed wear resistance line out anchor head
    Osprey 2 speeds bait runner. Baitrunner gear change knob
    osprey baitrunner drag change over lever