Osprey Fishing Tackle- Fishing Reels manufacturer.

 Osprey fishing Tackle. Fishing reels manufactureer. Spinning reels, casting reels, trolling reels, jigging reels, fly reels  Fishing tackle manufacturer since 1997.
Fishing reels that is proven over the years. 
Our manufacturing range: Spinning reels- Baitrunner. 
Casting reels: baitcasting and fly castings.
Trolling reels and Jigging reels. 
 Osprey Baitcasting reels  Osprey baitcasting reels with magnetic casting brake  Osprey 2 speeds trolling reels with Twin drag . Trolling reels from #20-130  Osprey spinning reels for fresh and saltwater max drag 20kg. Spinning reels with aluminium alloy body and stainless pinion. Baitrunner spinning reels.  Osprey Jigging reels. Jigging reels available with single or double speeds. Jigging reels has a max drag of 25kg



Osprey Online shop for spinning and casting reels. Matching spinning and casting rods.Availble online
2 speeds Spinning reels and baitrunner reels. Baitcasting reels for fresh and saltwater.

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Osprey 2 speeds spinning reels. 2 speeds spinning reels from size #3~6- available online at our FB shop front
2 speeds spinning reels #3000  
Osprey 2 speeds baitrunner spinning reels. Baitrunner reels from #4~#6
2 speeds baitrunner spinning reels
from #4000-6000  
Osprey heavy duty spinning reels for freshand saltwater. Spinning reels with a max drag of 25kg. Available online at our FB shop front
Heavy duty speeding reels available in size
#4000 and #7000  
Osprey baitcasting reels. Baitcasting reels with stainless ball race and centrigual casting brake.available online at our FB shop front Osprey casting reels . Casting reels with magnetic casting brake.Available online at our FB shop front All the rods and reels shown in this page
had been field test, handling fish from 10-35kgs
view our you tube page for the actions.
Osprey spinning reel with led light. Led light on spinning reel does not requires any battery work for life. Osprey spinning reels with a wooden pattern body. Size #5000 with 8BB spinning reel

Reels on this page available online at our


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Osprey Spinning , casting and jigging rods available online at our FB shop Front.

Osprey special spiral wrap blank spinning rods. Spinning rods in 7 and 8ft, Available online at our FB shop front
Bara Pro action 9-13kg
Medium hard action
 Watch the power of this rod on you tube.
Osprey spiral wrap casting rods. Light action casting rods in 7ft x 2 sections
Action:5-12lb or 2.5/6.5kg
Osprey unbreakable spiral wrap solid carbon blank jigging rods. 2.0m/6.5ft Jigging rods cast weight 60-100g .Available online at our FB shop front
Spiral wrap solid carbon Jigging rods
Action 15-25lb/7~11kg  -click To view action