Osprey Fishing Tackle- Fishing Reels manufacturer.

 Osprey fishing Tackle. Fishing reels manufactureer. Spinning reels, casting reels, trolling reels, jigging reels, fly reels  Fishing tackle manufacturer since 1997.
Fishing reels that is proven over the years. 
Our manufacturing range: Spinning reels- Baitrunner. 
Casting reels: baitcasting and fly castings.
Trolling reels and Jigging reels. 
 Osprey Baitcasting reels  Osprey baitcasting reels with magnetic casting brake  Osprey 2 speeds trolling reels with Twin drag . Trolling reels from #20-130  Osprey spinning reels for fresh and saltwater max drag 20kg. Spinning reels with aluminium alloy body and stainless pinion. Baitrunner spinning reels.  Osprey Jigging reels. Jigging reels available with single or double speeds. Jigging reels has a max drag of 25kg



Osprey Fly casting reels.
Fly reels with anti reverse clutch.

Fly reels interchange from right to left hand. Large abhor fly casting reels and also 3:1 ratio fly reels.

  • Osprey Cnc machined fly reels

  • Changing from right to left hand --no tool is required

  • Fly reels is available from size 3/4 -- to 11/12

  • Ball bearings:3 stainless

  • Fly reels with spool and frame in Aluminum alloy.

  • Osprey fly casting reels. Fly reels from #3 to #12
Light wt fly casting reels. Fly reels with anti reverse BB
Code Reel wt Spool Dia./width Spool  Capacity
RFH34 130g/4.6oz 75mm x 27mm WF3+120yd
RFH56 140g/5oz 85mm x 32mm WF5+150yd
RFH78 170g/6oz 95mm x 35mm WF7+170yd
RFH9/10 180g/6.5oz 102mm x 37mm WF9+250yd

2+1bb Full alu. alloy CNC machined fly reels.
 Stainless  components.
Code NO  spool dia.  Gear ratio




RFLF3-7/8 97mm




Color : gunsmoke golden/black
 .2+1bb Full alu. alloy CNC machined fly reels Stainless  components.
Code NO  spool dia.  Gear ratio
FRLF2-3/4 74mm 1.0:1
FRLF2-5/6 87mm
FRLF2-7/8 97mm
FRLF2-9/10 109mm
FRLF2-11/13 117mm
Color : gunsmoke golden/black

2bb Full alu. alloy CNC machined  fly casting reel.
Stainless  components.

Code NO  spool dia.  Gear ratio
RFID60 0.2/100m 3.1:1
Color : gunsmoke golden/black
CNC machined fly casting reel with anti reverse brake
Code Line Wt Spool Dia Reel overall dia Spool Width Fly Line Wt Nos of BB
RFA34 3,4 62mm/2.5in 74mm/3.0in 21.0mm/0.8in 105yd/20# 142.3g/5oz 3
RFA56 5,6 78mm/3.0in 87mm/3.45in 23mm/0.9in  120yd/20# 171.6g/6oz 3
RFA78 7,8 88mm/3.5in 97mm/3.8in 26mm/1.02in 140yd/20# 225.8g/8oz 3
Osprey fly casting reels. Fly reels with anti reverse bearing  
Model FLA with anti reverse bearing fly reel

Available in size 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
  size of reel        Wt
 FLA3/4         5.3oz
 FLA5/6         6.0oz
 FLA7/8         6.9oz

Fly reels Reverse side/ spool side view
 Available in gold/ gunsmoke/ black/ bright chrome
Osprey ABS body fly reelss . Fly reels from 3/4 t o5/6 
Fly reels ABS body

Osprey Fly casting reel- Graphite frame and spool
Code Line Size Spool Dia Spool Width Backing line(0.45mm) Wts
RFDS680 3/4/5 68mm/2.7in 17.5mm/0.7in 100m/110yd 135g/4.7oz
RFDS780 5/6/7/8 78mm/3.0in 20.5mm/0.8in 125m/140yd 153g/5.4oz