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 Osprey fishing Tackle. Fishing reels manufactureer. Spinning reels, casting reels, trolling reels, jigging reels, fly reels  Fishing tackle manufacturer since 1997.
Fishing reels that is proven over the years. 
Our manufacturing range: Spinning reels- Baitrunner. 
Casting reels: baitcasting and fly castings.
Trolling reels and Jigging reels. 
 Osprey Baitcasting reels  Osprey baitcasting reels with magnetic casting brake  Osprey 2 speeds trolling reels with Twin drag . Trolling reels from #20-130  Osprey spinning reels for fresh and saltwater max drag 20kg. Spinning reels with aluminium alloy body and stainless pinion. Baitrunner spinning reels.  Osprey Jigging reels. Jigging reels available with single or double speeds. Jigging reels has a max drag of 25kg



Spinning/casting reels with Led light. Led light last for life. Led light in 2 alternate colors. Light up spinning reels. Pg5/5

  • Led light available in the following colors : clear, red, blue, green.

  • Led light does not require any battery to light up.

  • Spinning/casting reels with led light around the hub. Reel's Led light lights up when the rotor spins.

  • Opsrey spinning reels with Led light on the rotor. Led light available in green/blue/red and clear/Led light lights up when handle is being crank

Osprey light up spinning/casting reels with led light on
the rotor arm
  1. rotor led light will light up when it is being turned
  2. nos of BB: standard 3, optional can be fitted up to 8bb
  3. high speed:5.5 gear ratio
  4. graphite spool chrome or
  5. Forged alu. spool
  6. anti twist line roller
  7. brass gear
  8. sensitive drag with anti shine brake disc
  9.  fast bale out spool system

Standard 3bb- chrome graphite spool-with led light.
Gear ration ; 5.1:1
Code nos. Spool Capacity mm/mtr (LB/YD)
RM5F200G3 0.15/180, 0.18/150, 0.20/100, 
 4lb/155yd, 6lb/110yd, 8lb/80yd
RM5F300G3 0.20/200, 0.25/150, 0.30/100,
6lb/210yd, 8lb/170yd, 10lb/140yd
RM5F400G3 0.30/180,0.35/120, 0.40/100, 
8lb/220yd,10lb/165yd, 12lb/130yd  
RM5F500G3 0.35/180, 040/140, 0.50/100,
10lb/275yd,12lb/220yd, 15lb/160yd
RM5F600G3 0.40/220, 0.50/140, 0.60/100
16lb/220yd, 20lb/170yd, 24lb/140yd    
Led light on rotor, soft pvc knob, alu Flick Action  Quick Closing handle, Nos of BB from 3-8bb.

Spin cast reels with led light

2 led lights embedded in the spool of the casting reel
 Closed face casting reel specification

 Model : RCL26-695

Spool capacity; 6lb/95yds,  Gear ratio:2.6:1
Osprey light up reels. Led light lights up  when the rotor turns.

Osprey spinning/casting reels with led light: Reel Lights up  when rotor turns.

Spin cast reel with led light .